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Utilize additional features available within Online Banking.
Online Banking offers additional tools to help manage your account. From categorizing and exporting transactions to creating account alerts, Online Banking's additional features can help organize your finances and monitor your account activity.

Log on and transfer funds quickly and easily.
Internal funds transfers may be processed between any of your Morton Community Bank accounts with the same ownership within your Online Banking. Transfers made after 6pm will post the next business day.  Transfers may be immediate, future-dated, or scheduled on a recurring frequency you determine.

Account Alerts
Set up alerts to receive notifications of activity in your account(s).
Need a notification when your account falls below a certain balance or when a deposit is credited to your checking account?  Receive alerts via email or text to help you continually monitor your account activity.  Choose from several of our most popular alerts for your checking, savings or loan accounts to keep you constantly updated:

Checking Deposit Notice:
Notifies you of deposits credited to your checking account that day.
Checking Low Balance Alert:
Notifies you if your checking account balance falls below an amount you specify.
Memoposted Large Transaction:
Notifies you of a large transaction to your checking account based on an amount you specify.
Memoposted Wire Transfer:

Notifies you when a wire transfer memoposts to your checking account.

Today's Pending Transaction:
Notifies you of any debits or credits to your account.
Notice of Any Check Clearing:
Notifies you when any checks clear your account.
Single Check Clear Notice:
Notifies you when a check number you specify clears your account.
Savings Account Low Balance:
Notifies you if your savings account balance falls below an amount that you specify.
Loan Payment Due Alert:
Notifies you when a loan payment is due.
Loan Payment Received Alert:
Notifies you when a loan payment is posted to your loan account.
Return Deposit Item Notice:
Notifies you if an item you have deposited by check or ACH has been returned. 

Categorized Transactions
Let Online Banking help categorize your spending and help you become more aware of your spending habits.
Transaction descriptions and categories can be customized to make them more personal when you view your transaction activity and spending.  These changes are only visible to you and do not modify the Bank’s transaction records.   

To begin customizing your transaction activity:

  1. Log onto Online Banking.
  2. Choose an account to view transactions.
  3. Click the [Categorize] tab.
  4. Select a date range for the transactions you wish to review or categorize. 
  5. Click [View Transactions] to display requested transactions within the date range specified.

Transactions can also be sorted by using the advanced search option or by clicking a column header when displaying transactions.  To change the category or description of a transaction, click the [Change] icon.  Once you have completed your change(s), click the [Save] icon to keep the change or the [Undo] icon to discard the change.

The categorization feature can help analyze your income and spending by category for FREE!   To view a pie chart illustrating your spending, click the [Report] button.

Quicken and Quickbooks
Export your account transactions.
Depending upon your licensed version of Quicken and Quickbooks, you have two options of exporting transactions.  Please refer to instructions in your Quicken or Quickbooks guide for further details.

Supported Browsers
Access online banking using supported browsers.
This list is not an endorsement by Hometown Community Banks. It is simply a listing of browsers that are commonly used.

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Safari (Apple/Mac users only)


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