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Fee Schedule


Individual Retirement Account (IRA)  
     Transfer Fee$50.00 
     Self Directed IRABased on asset sizeannual fee
Health Savings Account (HSA)  
     Service Fee$25.00 annual fee
     Outgoing transfer fee$100.00 
Savings Account  
     If daily balance drops below $50$3.00per month
     Fee waived if age is less than 18 or 55 or older  
ATM / Debit Cards  
     Replacement Card$10.00per card
Wire Transfer  
     Incoming$15.00per transfer
     International$60.00per transfer
     Outgoing$25.00per transfer
Night Depository  
     Locking bag with key$25.00 
     Locking bag key replacement$10.00 
     Zipper bag$5.00 
Safe Deposit Box  
Safe Deposit BoxFees vary by location 
Safe Deposit Box and Locker Key Replacement$150.00per key
Safe Deposit Box and Locker drilling / new lock & key$350.00 
Checksprices vary by style 
Cashier's Check more than $1,000 (MCB customers only)$2.00per check
Foreign Currency / Checks$10.00per order
Dormant Accounts  
Dormant Fee$10.00per month
Dormant account balance sent to the State$25.00per account
Overdraft Fee  
Overdraft Paid Item(s) Fee$30.00per item presented
Other Items  
Stop Payment$30.00per item
Account closure within 3 months of opening$25.00per account closed
Legal order processing - levies, garnishments, etc.$100.00per order
Medallion Signature Guarantee (MCB customers only at select locations)$45.00 
Money Orders $1,000 or less (MCB customers only)$1.00per money order
Research fee - 1/2 hr minimum charge$50.00per 1/2 hour


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