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Active Fraud Alert

Caller ID Spoofing is a tactic used by criminals where they place calls that appear to be from the bank. They claim any number of reasons for the call. Actually they are trying to compromise your security by gaining your personal information or your security codes. 

If you receive one of these calls, you should disconnect the call and immediately call the number on the back of your debit card.

Fee Schedule


Individual Retirement Account (IRA)  
     Transfer Fee$50.00 
     Self Directed IRABased on asset sizeannual fee
Health Savings Account (HSA)  
     Service Fee$25.00 annual fee
     Outgoing transfer fee$100.00 
Savings Account  
     If daily balance drops below $50$3.00per month
     Fee waived if age is less than 18 or 55 or older  
ATM / Debit Cards  
     Replacement Card$10.00per card
     ATM withdrawal from an ATM not owned by MCB$1.50per withdrawal
Wire Transfer  
     Incoming$15.00per transfer
     International$60.00per transfer
     Outgoing$25.00per transfer
Night Depository  
     Locking bag with key$25.00 
     Locking bag key replacement$10.00 
     Zipper bag$5.00 
Safe Deposit Box  
Safe Deposit BoxFees vary by location 
Safe Deposit Box and Locker Key Replacement$150.00per key
Safe Deposit Box and Locker drilling / new lock & key$350.00 
Checksprices vary by style 
Cashier's Check more than $1,000 (MCB customers only)$2.00per check
Foreign Currency / Checks$10.00per order
Dormant Accounts  
Dormant Fee$10.00per month
Dormant account balance sent to the State$25.00per account
NSF Fees  
NSF Returned Item(s) Fee$30.00per item presented / represented
NSF Paid Item(s) Overdraft Fee$30.00per item presented / represented
Other Items  
Stop Payment$30.00per item
Account closure within 3 months of opening$25.00per account closed
Legal order processing - levies, garnishments, etc.$100.00per order
License Stickers (MCB customers only)$9.50per sticker
Medallion Signature Guarantee (MCB customers only at select locations)$45.00 
Money Orders $1,000 or less (MCB customers only)$1.00per money order
Research fee - 1/2 hr minimum charge$50.00per 1/2 hour


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