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Image of 721 Morton location.


Morton Community Bank is the legal name of our Bank, established in Morton, Illinois in 1960. Our Headquarters is located at 721 West Jackson St. Morton, Illinois 61550. Currently, you have the convenience of 55 Hometown Community Banks with 600 local, employee-owners.

Hometown Community Banks is our online and digital identity. You will see Hometown Community Banks on our website, Online Banking, Mobile App and our Debit/Credit Cards.


Click Here to learn how FDIC insurance applies to your deposits and a list of our Hometown Community Banks.

Our Clock Tower icon
Look for our Clock Tower and you'll know... 
We have 'time' for you.


What does Our Clock Tower mean?

The Clock Tower is the logo of Morton Community Bank because Clock Towers have long been regarded as symbols of community, strength, and reliability -- just like our Banks.

We value your time and are committed to providing you with a prompt, efficient, and high-quality banking experience, whether it be in person, online, mobile, or by telephone.