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Active Fraud Alert

Caller ID Spoofing is a tactic used by criminals where they place calls that appear to be from the bank. They claim any number of reasons for the call. Actually they are trying to compromise your security by gaining your personal information or your security codes. 

If you receive one of these calls, you should disconnect the call and immediately call the number on the back of your debit card.

eZBusiness Online Portal

Manage your card portfolio with our eZBusiness Online Portal.

Access to eZBusiness gives you the ability to:

  • Log on with a single User ID and Password
  • Make payments
  • Add new employees
  • Print statements
  • Monitor transactions
  • Print transaction history
  • Close accounts
  • Change (increase or lower) employee’s credit limits.  Note:  This does not change company’s credit limit.
  • Control Merchant Category Codes (restriction codes)

An eZBusiness form for a single user is included with the Business Credit Card application.  If additional users are needed, fill out the eZBusiness Authorization for each user.  Forms must be signed by an authorized individual.