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Image of a purchase made with the Hometown Banks Credit Card.

Secured VISA Credit Card

Build your credit using secured savings.
The Secured Visa Credit Card allows you to pay for purchases with the convenience of a typical credit card; however, transaction balances are ‘secured’ by your own funds.  

Upon application approval, your deposit will be kept in a Secured Savings Account with Morton Community Bank.  Your credit limit will equal the funds in your Secured account.  Just like a traditional credit card, you will receive a billing statement and make regular payments.  Responsible use and consistent payments can help increase your credit score.

Please contact us immediately if you have lost your card. If you are calling during business hours, please call the Credit Card Department at 309-284-1340 or you can reach our 24-Hour Customer Service at 1-800-876-9119. 

First time Hometown Community Banks Credit Card user? Click Here to learn more about accessing your credit card account online.

Cash Back Rewards Secured Visa® Credit Card


  • Cash Back for every dollar spent on qualified purchases*
  • No caps or limits on the Cash Back
  • Cash Back paid annually
  • Online account access
  • No annual fees
Yearly PurchasesCash Back Bonus
0 - $999.990.25%
$1,000 - $1,999.990.50%
$2,000 - $2,999.990.75%
$3,000 - Unlimited1.00%

*Qualified purchases do not include convenience checks or returns.
Every dollar in qualifying purchases minus returns (Net Purchases") that accountholders ("You") charge to an eligible credit card account covered by this ScoreCard program ("Program") and that appears on your statement during the program period earns you one (1) Bonus Point ("Point") as provided for in these program rules. No points are earned for finance charges, fees, cash advances, convenience checks, foreign transaction currency conversion charges or insurance charges posted to your account. Rate is variable and determined by adding a margin to the Prime Rate. Offer of credit is subject to credit approval. International Currency Fee: 1.0% for transactions involving currency exchange, 1.0% for transactions not involving currency exchange.