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Image of Hometown Banks Debit Card.

Fraud Monitoring Tools For Transactions

Monitor your account activity using fraud prevention tools.
Hometown Community Banks offers several free tools to help you monitor and control your account and card transaction activity. 

Manage your card

Manage Your Card (within the MCB App)

Manage your debit card within Mobile Banking.  
You can activate card features within the Hometown Community Banks Mobile App to control your card usage, help you with budgeting and prevent fraud.  Simply select “Manage my Card” under the “Quick Links” on the Accounts page to manage your Hometown Community Banks Mastercard® Debit cards.   

  • Control your card by Turning it On/Off in an instant by using the Block Card feature.
  • Restrict purchases and ATM withdrawals based on limits you determine.
  • Block transactions outside of specific geographic locations or merchants.
  • Block card transactions at certain types of merchants.
card valet

Card Valet (stand-alone app)

Control your card with Card Valet.
Card Valet helps to protect your debit card by sending you transaction alerts and giving you the ability to define when, where and how your card is used.

  • Turn your card On/Off in an instant.
  • Establish transaction controls by choosing purchasing categories or dollar amounts.
  • Receive real time alerts to notify you when your card is used or denied.
  • Review debit card transactions for the card selected.
  • View your account balance.
  • Set interactive alerts including low balance.


text message alert

Text Alerts for Unusual Debit Card Activity

Receive free alerts with no sign-up required.
If an unusual debit card transaction is detected, you will receive a notice via text message to review the suspect transaction and minimize fraud exposure. 

  • Receive text alert messages only if you have a valid cell phone number on file.
  • Receive messages sent between the hours of 8am – 9pm local time.
  • Opt Out of this service after receiving a text or by contacting the Electronic Banking Department at 309-284-1365.

 text message example