Mobile Deposit

Image of a person capturing a photo of a paper check

Deposit a check in as little as two minutes...without going to the bank!
Mobile Deposit is a way to deposit paper checks into your account by taking photos of the front and back of the checks and transmitting them to the bank.

What becomes of the paper check?
Keep the paper check until you can see the mobile deposit has been credited to your account. After that, you may dispose of the check in any secure manner.

When will the deposited check be credited?
If you make your deposit prior to 4:00 PM (Illinois time) it will be posted to your account the same day, subject to ordinary funds availability rules. A deposit will not be seen in the account details or balance immediately. Deposits are processed at 4 PM and will appear in account details after that time.

Where does it work?
Anyplace you have reception with your cell phone. It will not work over a WiFi connection because the mobile banking app cannot connect via Wi-Fi.

How much does it cost?
Mobile Deposit is a free service from Hometown Community Banks.

How does it work?
Watch this video tutorial.

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