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Home Mortgage Loans

Turn your dream home into reality.
Morton Community Bank offers many mortgage options. Our dedicated Lending Team will provide guidance and discuss various types of loans during the process to help you select the best fit for you and your unique home buying needs. 

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You can click on the different options below to learn more about which loan is right for you.
Have additional questions? Call us at 309-284-1382.

First Time Buyer Loans and
Low Down Payment Loans

Are you a first time buyer or looking for a low down payment option? We can help get you on the right track to navigate the process. 

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Conventional Loans
Are you interested in a home, land, or rental purchase? Traditional loan options are available for your next purchase. 

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Government Loans
Are you looking for a specific loan type? Specialized loans are designed to assist potential homeowners who meet certain qualifications.

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Down Payment Assistance Programs
Ready to buy a home and have a steady income and good credit? We have closing assistance for income-eligible homebuyers.

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Construction Loans
Are you building instead of buying? We will simplify the process with one application, one interest rate, and one set of fees. 

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Are you ready to talk with a Lender? Please contact one of our Hometown Community Bank Lenders or call 309-284-1382. You can also complete our online application and a Community Banker will contact you.


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