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Pay Any Way!

Let your customers pay any way they want with their credit or debit card.

Process card payments using a countertop terminal, smart phone or tablet, or even turn your desktop computer into a terminal to swipe cards.

For start-up businesses, established businesses or businesses already accepting cards.  If you are starting out or have been in business but have not been accepting card payments, we can explain how card payments work, get you set up quickly and easily, and show you how the system operates.  We'll even come to person!  If you already are accepting card payments, we can transfer your business over - in person -  and give you a tour of your new system.

Already accepting card payments?  Let us show you how we may be able to save you money while providing more options and an outstanding Online Reporting Tool.  Don't us today at 309-284-1293 to learn what we can do to improve your bottom line.

Countertop terminals operate with Point-to-Point encryption and tokenization for maximum security.

Easy to Use
The Countertop device is Plug and Play.  That's right...just plug it in and you're are on your way to accepting credit and debit card payments.  But, if you need help, we are local.  We are right here when you need us.

The Ingenico iCT220 terminal is a secure PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant device that can be used for card swiping and for inserting newer chip cards.  The Ingenico iCT250 has all the same features, plus a color display.  These units can sit on your counter or be hand held, when it is necessary to take the device to the customer.   Both units can operate with or without a connection to a cash register or point-of-sale (POS) system.

Smart Phone Device
If you are on the go, the smart phone device lets you plug in to your phone's headphone jack and swipe cards in the field which is perfect for farmers' markets, trade shows, craft fairs and other "pop-up" events.

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Maybe you don't need to use anything but your own desktop computer.  The Magnetic Card Reader device connects to your PC to let you swipe cards without any special equipment. 

Powered by CardPointe
You can even process payments from your desktop computer with the easy-to-use CardPointe Virtual Terminal, a popular feature for health clubs or other businesses with recurring monthly charges.  No equipment or add-ons are required to process credit and debit cards.  Plus, Cardpointe provides you a powerful reporting tool which lets you track your card payments quickly and easily.

Online Shopping Cart
Do you have a website and want to give customers the option to pay online?  No problem!  We can provide a "Pay Now" button which does all the work behind the scenes.

Contact us today using the convenient Request Info button or call us direct at 309-284-1293.

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Countertop Card Reader


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Magnetic Stripe Reader


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