Business Analysis Checking

Keep your costs down, even when your business is ramping up. With Business Analysis Checking, you can use an earnings credit on your checking balance to offset routine service charges. So you can pay less — or not at all — for banking services you value anyway.

Also, you can sweep excess funds to an Insured Cash Sweep account, where your balances will be fully FDIC-insured up to $75 million! Get started with a low $100 minimum deposit to open.

  • Earnings credit provided to offset monthly analysis fees including:
    • Monthly account fee - $8.00
    • Optional daily sweep feature - $25.00 monthly
    • Deposited items drawn on MCB - $0.07 per item
    • Deposited items not drawn on MCB - $0.12 per item
    • Electronic debits or credits - $0.05 per item
    • Other debits - $0.15 per item
    • Cash management services and more!
  • Earnings credit determined by your account balance
  • Group several accounts together for easy reporting.
  • Utilize zero-balance accounts to streamline operations
  • Free online banking
  • Free eStatements


To earn more on your excess cash, ask about a daily sweep to a Cash Sweep Account.



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