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Email Address Verification

Retail Online now adds email verification for a user profile through online banking. When users sign in to the online banking application, the system prompts them to verify the email address that is present in the records.

On the Verify email page, users can either confirm that the email address is accurate or update it as applicable.

If the email address is accurate, users can click continue. The system directs them to the Home page. 

To update their email address, users can click here. The system directs them to the Establish profile page where the email address present in the user record appears in the Email address and Confirm email fields. Users must update their email address in both these fields and click Continue to save the details.

Note: "Continue" and "Click here" may not display in a different color than the rest of the text on the screen; however, the user can still click on the word and the screen will advance.

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