Take control of your Debit Card with the free Card Valet App

Turn your card On and Off, set limits, get alerts and more!

With Card Valet from your Hometown Community Banks you can turn your card "On" and "Off", decide where your card can be used, set only certain types of merchants or purposes...and much more...all with a simple app on your Android smart phone or iPhone.

Get Card Valet from iTunes or Google Play.  The App is free.  Try it out and if you like it, keep it.  Or delete the app from your phone anytime you want.  Reinstall later if you chose to.


  • Turn your card "On" or "Off": Can't find your card?  Afraid it has been lost?  You can turn it off in just moments so no transactions or withdrawals can be made.  And if you find your card you can turn it back on the same easy way.  Or maybe you just want to be extra safe and keep your card turned off all the time and turn it on when you want to use it.
  • Location-based controls: Card Valet uses your phone's GPS (location services) to let you set how far away from your location your card can be used.  You can set a large area or a very small area.  As long as your phone is on and your GPS is active the area in which your card can be used will move with you. 
  • Interactive alerts: CardValet can send a real-time alert when a card is used, when a transaction is approved and exceeds any of the permitted use policies, or when a card transaction has been attempted but is declined
  • Financial features: Need to check your balance quickly or locate the nearest ATM?  Card Valet can do that in moments.
  • Limit Merchants:  Select what type of purchasing can be done with your card.  Grocery stores only?  Or maybe every place except gas stations.  With numerous categories to choose from you can customize your card to work only in the places you select.
  • Set transaction limits:  The bank already sets a generous limit for purchases and ATM withdrawals with your card, but you can now reduce that limit any time you want...and then raise it back up, all the way to the limit set by the bank,  just as easily. 


Hometown Community Banks does not charge for the Card Valet App or for the service.  You may be charged usage or data fees from from your carrier.



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