Bank Divisions/Branches and FDIC Insurance Coverage

Banks operating divisions or branches under different names, such as the Hometown Banks listed below, are one bank and depositors are not covered separately under each division, but rather are covered one time up to $250,000, regardless of the number of accounts at the different branches listed below.

The following names and locations are all Morton Community Bank or divisions/branches of Morton Community Bank and are operated under the banner of Hometown Banks.

    • Bartonville Community Bank — Bartonville, Illinois
    • Bloomington-Normal Community Bank —  Bloomington, Illinois
    • Citizens Bank — Macomb, Illinois
    • Citizens Bank — Roseville, Illinois
    • Clock Tower Community Bank —  Albany, Erie, Hillsdale, Port Byron, Illinois
    • Clock Tower Community Bank —  Champaign, Illinois 
    • Elmwood Community Bank — Elmwood, Illinois
    • Eureka Community Bank — Eureka, Illinois
    • Fairbury-Cropsey Community Bank — Fairbury, Illinois
    • Farmington Community Bank — Farmington, Illinois
    • Fondulac Bank —  East Peoria, Illinois
    • Hanna City Community Bank —  Hanna City, Illinois
    • Lacon Community Bank — Lacon, Illinois
    • Manito Community Bank — Manito, Illinois
    • Minier Community Bank — Minier, Illinois
    • Minonk Community Bank — Minonk, Illinois
    • Morton Community Bank — Morton, Illinois
    • Pekin Community Bank — Pekin, Illinois
    • Peoria Community Bank — Peoria, Illinois
    • Peoria Heights Community Bank —  Peoria Heights, Illinois
    • Princeville Community Bank — Princeville, Illinois
    • Roanoke-Benson Community Bank — Roanoke, Illinois
      Speer Community Bank —  Speer, Illinois
    • Spring Bay Community Bank — Spring Bay, Illinois
      State Bank of Arthur —  Arthur, Illinois
    • Sunnyland Community Bank—  Washington, Illinois
    • Toluca Community Bank — Toluca, Illinois
    • Trivoli Community Bank —  Trivoli, Illinois
    • Tremont Community Bank — Tremont, Illinois
    • Washburn Community Bank — Washburn, Illinois
    • Washington Community Bank — Washington, Illinois

For more information about FDIC insurance and your deposits visit the FDIC World Wide Web site at, or to go directly to the portion of the FDIC web site dealing with consumer information use the following address:

If you have any questions about your coverage at any of the hometown bank branches listed above please contact us at:

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