What is PopMoney

Popmoney is a way to send money electronically to anyone in the country. The funds are debited from your checking account electronically and credited to the recipient's checking or savings account electronically. 
Use it to:

  • Pay the babysitter
  • Send money to your son at college
  • Pay your daughter's piano teacher
  • Repay your friend for concert tickets
  • Send gas money to somone who gave you ride
  • Send graduation money to your nephew
  • ...or a thousand other uses


Easy to send money

To send money, select or create a recipient. All you need is their name and an email address or mobile phone number. In fact, on a smart phone you can even use your phone contact list to select a recipient. Enter the amount of money you want to send. Finally, Click or press Send. It's that easy!



Easy to receive money

The recipient receives a text or email informing them you have sent money. They confirm they wish to receive the money and it is deposited into their account. Depending upon where they bank, the funds will deposit in one to three days.



Where does it work?

Use Popmoney to send funds to anyone who has an account at any bank or credit union in the United states. It works on desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones...any device which can access Online Banking or Mobile Banking.



How much does it cost?

There is a minor cost to the sender. It will range between 85 cents and two dollars depending upon how much money is sent. The sender will see on screen the cost of their transactions before they send the money. There is no cost to the person receiving the money. Message and data rates may apply from cellular service providers.


 How to find Popmoney in your Bill Pay

To access Popmoney in Online Banking click on the "Popmoney" tab in the Bill Pay widget on the Overview Page. 
To access Popmoney in Mobile Banking, click on the Payments tab at the top and then click on Pay Other People.






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