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Quick tips and shortcuts

To see today's activity in real-time

The current pending business day activities appears on your opening screen in the Transactions section.

To transfer between accounts

To make an immediate real-time transfer between accounts use the "Transfer" function and leave the date as the current day. To make a transfer scheduled for a later date or on a regular recurring basis, use the "Transfer" function and enter a future date.

To make a payment to a loan at this bank

Use one of the transfer functions described above to transfer funds from either your checking or savings account to your loan account.


Cut Off Times

Transfers made prior to 4:00 PM will post that business day to cover incoming debits or be credited as loan payments. Transfers made anytime become available immediately, 24 hours a day/seven days a week, for access from an ATM or by Debit Card.


Log On

Enter your Access ID and click the Submit button.
On the next screen enter your Password and click the "Submit" button.

First Time Log In
Go to
Enter in your temporary password and click Submit.
You will be prompted to set a new password. Enter your temporary password in "current Password" and enter your new password in each of the other two boxes.
Your password must be between 6 and 17 characters and contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character.
You will also be required to provide three security questions and answers. Select one question from each of the three drop down choices and enter an answer.
If, in the future, the system does not recognize the computer you are using, you will be asked one of your three security questions prior to being able to log in.


Overview Screen

Your screen will open to an overview of your accounts and various functions to search, transfer or use Bill Pay, if you have added the optional Bill Pay.

List of Accounts

The account titles in the Description column are default titles provided by the system and can be changed by you. To change the Descriptions, click on the Options button and edit the "Account Nicknames" section. The only accounts which you will be unable to change are those with a "POD" in the description or Nickname.

The balances shown are real time. From time to time, certain deposit items may have temporary holds. This can happen when depositing certain types of funds, such as personal checks.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay summary if the optional Bill pay is activated. Click on the account number to open Bill Pay.


The current business day transactions on your accounts. You can change accounts by using the drop down list.

Transaction Search

You can list all transactions from any time span in the current and previous statement periods by entering the appropriate dates and clicking the Display button. Changing the Search field to Check or Amount allows you to search for specific transactions.


Transfers made prior to 4:00 PM will post that business day.

To make an immediate real time transfer between two accounts

1. Select the appropriate accounts.
2. Enter an amount.
3. Leave the date blank or select today's date.
4. Click the Next button.
5. On the next screen, click the Submit button.
6. One the last screen, click the OK button.

Immediate transfers will make funds available for debit card use or withdrawal from an ATM immediately, no matter what day or time even on weekends and after hours.

To make a scheduled transfer

1. Select the appropriate accounts.
2. Enter an amount.
3. Enter the future date of the transfer.
4. Click the OK button.

Spending Report

The spending report lists any transactions in the past seven days which you have categorized. Transactions can be categorized only from the All Transactions screen. Access the All Transactions screen by clicking on the account number on the Overview screen or in the List of Accounts on the Overview screen, then moving the mouse over Transactions and clicking on All Transactions.


Account Screen

From the Accounts list, select the account you wish to view, or click on the account number in the List of Accounts on the Overview screen.

Account Information
Recap of the account detail.

See Transfer in the Overview Screen section.

Transaction Activity
By default this lists current and previous business day activity.

Other choices from the drop down are:

Previous Statement - Transactions from the previous statement period

Current Statement - Transactions from the current statement period

Current Business day - Transactions from just the current business day.

At the lower right is a drop down to select how many transactions to show - 25, 50, 75 or all.


List of pending transfers from the currently selected account. Click on:

  • Transfer To - to change the transfer.
  • Delete - to delete any pending transfer.
  • New Scheduled Transfer - to create a new transfer.

List of Bill Pay Accounts

Bill Pay summary if the optional Bill pay is activated. click on the account number to open Bill Pay.


eStatements Screen

Click on the Account you want to view, then Documents to open a pop-up screen to retrieve statements. Select the account, statement type and a date range which would include the monthly, quarterly or annual statement you wish to see. If you do not change the date range, the system will return a list of statements for that account for the past 24 months and you can select from that list. Checking statements will produce a text version of your statement which is searchable and can be copied and pasted into another program, such as Microsoft Word. E-statements With Check Images will produce a picture of your statement and images of the checks.

To learn more about eStatements, click here.


Options Screen

Click on Options to open a screen to change your Password, Email Address, Authentication Image, Passphrase, Security Questions or Account Nicknames. You can also enroll in Mobile Banking from this screen, gaining access by Text, Mobile Browser or an App.


Alerts Screen

Click on Alerts to set alerts to email or text you when certain events occur in your account. These alerts can be used to notify you of deposits, withdrawals, low balances, or nearly any other type of activity.

To set up a new alert:

  • Click on Alerts
  • Click on Set Up New Alert
  • Select the type of alert from the drop down menu.
  • Click Next
  • Select the Account
  • Select Online to receive alerts within your Online Banking. Select Email to receive your alerts by email or text massage.
  • Enter your email address or text address
  • Click finish


How to Categorize Transactions

You can categorize your account activity and change the transaction descriptions to track your account and produce reports of expenses and income.

To access the screens to categorize transactions, click on the account number, then select All Transactions from the Transactions menu.

Enter a date range for the transactions you wish to review. If you would like to sort the transactions, you can select various sorting options on the same screen. Click Display to show the transactions.

To categorize or alter the description of an item, click on the Edit link for that item. Once you have made your changes, click on the Save link to keep the change or the Undo link to discard the change.

A pie chart of transaction categories appears on the Overview screen.


How to Send a Message to the Bank

The online banking system includes a secure messaging system which allows you to send messages to or receive messages from the bank.

These messages do not travel through the internet as a normal Email message would, so you can send or request confidential information without worry that someone else will intercept the message.

To open the Secure Email system click on MY SECURE MAILBOX just above your List of Accounts on the Overview screen.

Any messages from the bank will show up on the next screen in your Inbox. To send a message to the bank, click on the link to "Compose." The message will be pre-addressed to the bank. Simply type your message and click on Send.


How to Find Older Transactions

The Current Statement and Previous Statement links in the Transactions menu will only provide transactions from the past 30 to 60 days.

to find checking and savings transactions as far back as three years, select All Transactions from the Transactions menu and enter the date range you wish to see.

For loan accounts, selecting Account To Date from the Transactions menu will provide a detailed history of the loan account from the day it was opened.


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