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Enrollment can be done at any of our branches or through the “Enroll Now” option at

First Time Log-In

Go to

Enter your username in the “Online Banking Log In” box and click Log In.

Enter your temporary password and click Submit.

You will be prompted to set a new password. Enter your temporary password in the “Current Password” box and enter your new password in the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” box.

Your new password must be between 8 and 17 characters and contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character. The new password cannot contain the word “password” or any part of your username.

You will also be required to set up three security questions and answers. Select one question from each of the three drop down choices and enter an answer.

If, in the future, the system does not recognize the computer or device you are using, you will be asked one of your three security questions prior to being able to log in.

Home Screen

Your screen will open to a list of your account(s) and various functions to view recent transactions, transfer funds and access optional Bill Pay and Popmoney.

List of Accounts

The account titles in the Accounts column on the home screen are default titles provided by the system and can be customized by you. Click on “Edit Accounts” to change an account nickname, show or hide an account from your home screen or change the order of how your accounts appear. The account listed at the top of your list will be used as your default account.

The balances shown for the accounts are in real time. If a loan is displayed, the balance will reflect the principal balance only. From time to time, certain deposit items may have temporary holds. This can happen when depositing certain types of funds, such as personal checks.

Clicking on “Recent” will show the 10 most recent transactions for that account.

Clicking on the name of the account from the “Home Screen” opens account details. See “Account Screen” section for more detail.


Transfers made after 4:00 PM will post Next Business Day.

To make an immediate transfer from “Home Screen”:

1. Click “Transfer” next to the account you wish to transfer from
2. Select to account number
3. Select today’s date
4. Enter amount of transfer

To make a scheduled transfer from “Home Screen”:

1. Click “Transfer” next to the account you wish to transfer from
2. Select to account number
3. Select future date of transfer
4. Enter amount of transfer

To set up recurring transfer from “Home Screen”:

1. Click “Transfer” next to the account you wish to transfer from
2. Select to account number
3. Select date of transfer
4. Click “Repeat”
5. Select Frequency
6. Select Transfer on date
7. Select when to repeat the transfer
8. Enter amount of transfer

Bill Pay/Popmoney

If the optional Bill Pay is activated, you can quickly make a payment to payees that are already set up or send Popmoney to a new recipient or from your existing list of contacts from the “Home Screen.” For more details about Bill Pay see “Bill Pay Screen.” 

To pay a bill from “Home Screen”:

1. Click Pay Bills
2. Select a biller
3. Choose pay date
4. Enter amount
5. Choose pay from account (if applicable)
6. Click Make Payment

To send Popmoney from “Home Screen”:

*Popmoney sent from the “Home Screen” will be processed as Next Day delivery.

1. Click Popmoney
2. Select recipient or add someone new
3. Choose pay from account (if applicable)
4. Enter amount
5. Enter message to recipient (if desired)
6. Click Send Money

Account Screen

 The accounts tab offers detailed information for the selected account. You can change the account by clicking the dropdown or by clicking on the nickname from the “Home Screen.”


Shows transaction activity for the selected account including scheduled, pending and posted items. You can filter the lists to show only certain types of transactions by clicking “Filter” and check mark or uncheck mark from the options.

You can print the transaction activity by clicking on “print.”

To search for a specific transaction, enter the amount, check number or date and click search.

Click on more transactions to view more than what is displayed.

If an image of a check or deposit can be viewed, the description will be hyperlinked in blue. You can click on the hyperlink to view an image of the check you wrote. If it’s a deposit, you can click on the hyperlink then click on “view entire deposit” to see an image of what was deposited.

In current business day, you may see items described as PREAUTH. These are temporary postings which will drop off. They are a preauthorization on your debit card by the merchant. They can appear on your account along with the actual debit from the merchant, making it appear you were

charged twice, even though you were not. They may be for just $1 or for the total amount of the purchase. With some restaurant purchases, the preauthorization may be an amount different than the actual purchase. This can happen if you pay for you meal with your debit card but leave a cash tip. Preauthorizations will reduce you available balance by the preauthorization amount listed until they drop off.


See Transfer in the “Home Screen” section.


Shows a list of statements for the chosen account going back as far as the past 24 months. You can customize the date range to show fewer statements if you wish. Checking statements will produce a text version of your statement which is searchable and can be copied and pasted into another program, such as Microsoft Work. To view the text version of the Checking statement, you will change the Document Type to Checking Statements. To view your actual statement with images of the checks, you will change the Document Type to E-Statements with Check Images.


You can categorize your account activity and change the transaction descriptions to track your account and produce reports of expenses and income.

Enter a date range for the transactions you wish to review. If you would like to sort the transactions, you can select various sorting options on the same screen. Click View Transactions to show the transactions.

To categorize or alter the description of an item, click on the Edit link for that item. Once you have made your changes, click on the Save link to keep the change or the Undo link to discard the change.

To view a pie chart of the transactions, click on Report.



Provides the ability to download transactions as a csv, Microsoft Money, Quickbooks or Quicken.

Stop Payments

Online stop pay request accepted for checks only. Stop payment will remain effective for 6 months. A $30.00 stop pay fee will be asses to your account. To stop an electronic payment, please contact one of our offices by phone or in person.

To add a stop pay on a check:

1. Enter check number
2. Enter payee
3. Choose date check was written
4. Click Preview stop payment
5. Click Create Stop payment.

 Any stop payments that have been issued on an account either via online, in person or over the phone will show under the “Issued Stop Payments.”

Transfer Screen

See Transfer in the “Home Screen” section on how to set up a transfer.

Scheduled transfers will be able to be viewed under the Transfer tab. You can make changes by clicking on edit or delete a scheduled transfer by clicking on delete.

Bill Pay Screen

Selecting Bill Pay will open your payment center. From the payment center, you can set up billers and pay your bills. You can also schedule payments to be sent automatically. Popmoney can also be managed through the Bill Pay Screen.

 To set up a new biller:

1. Click on “Add a Company or Person”
2. Search for company from our predefined list
         a. If company is not listed, you will need to add the information manually from your bill
3. Enter account information off of your bill
4. Click Add

 To pay a bill:

1. Enter amount in the amount field of biller you are wanting to pay
2. Choose Deliver By date
3. Click “Send Money”

*multiple bills can be entered this way before clicking “Send Money”

To send Popmoney:

1. Click Popmoney
2. Select recipient or add someone new
3. Enter Amount
4. Select Send Day
5. Select Delivery Speed
6. Select pay from account (if applicable)
7. Add message (if desired)
8. Click continue
9. Verify Payment
10. Click Send Payment

Amazing Rewards Screen

If you have an Amazing Account product, you can view and redeem your Amazing points by clicking on the Amazing Rewards tab.


Click on Alerts to set alerts to email or text your when certain events occur in your account. These alerts can be used to notify you of deposits, withdrawals, low balances or nearly any other type of activity.

To set up a new alert:

1. Click on Alerts
2. Choose the type of account
3. Click on Set up New Alert
4. Select the type of alert from the drop down menu
5. Click Next
6. Select the account
7. Choose the duration you want the alert to check your account
8. Choose the notification method
9. Click Finish


The online banking system includes a secure messaging system which allows you to send messages to or receive messages from the bank.

These messages do not travel through the Internet as a normal email message would, so you can send or request confidential information without worry that someone else will intercept the message.

To open the Secure Email system click on Mail located in the upper right hand corner or your screen.

Any messages from the bank will show up in your Inbox. To send a message to the bank, click on the “Compose” tab. The message will be pre-addressed to the bank. Simply type your message and click on Send.


Click on Profile to customize your profile settings such as password, challenge questions and answers and email address. You can also enroll for electronic statements and manage devices used for the mobile banking services.

To make a change, click on edit, type in the new information and click save.


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