Mobile Deposit Quick Guide

1.Launch the Hometown Banks app on your smart phone.

2. Select the "Deposits" tab.
Opening the Hometown Bank app on a smart phone

3. Select "New Deposit."

Image of selecting Mobile Deposit in the app
4. Select the account you wish to deposit to and enter the amount of the deposit. Select "Continue."

Image of entering a check amount in the app
5. The Mobile Deposit program's camera will open. Take a photo of the front of the check by clicking the camera icon at the bottom right of the screen. Be certain to get all four corners of the check within the corner makrs on the camera screen.

Image of capturing a check image in the app
6. The photo you took will automatically open for review. If the image is unreadable or the check is not showing all four corners, press "Retake" at the bottom left of the screen. If the photo is clear and complete, select "Use Photo" at the bottom right of the screen.

Image of reviewing check image in the app
7. Take a photo of the back of the check the same way you took a photo of the front.

Image of capturing the back of the check in the app

8. Select "Retake" if you need to try again or select "Use Photo" if the image is clear and complete.

Image of reviewing back of the check image in the app
9. The amount of time to transmit the deposit will depend upon the speed and quality of your connection. If the transmission should fail for some reason or the deposit not be accepted you will receive a message that the deposit failed. If the deposit succeeds you will receive a confirmation message once the transmission is complete.

Image of submitting the mobile deposit in the app

You will see a confirmation screen with the account number and the amount of the check. Select "Yes" to complete the deposit, or "No" to cancel.


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