Bill Pay Reminders and Notifications

How it works


You can set notices in your accounts so you receive a message anytime a preset event occurs, such as the approval of a new payee, the automatic processing of a recurring payment, and more.


You can set reminders so you receive a message when it is time to pay a bill. For example, you could receive a notice on the 15th of every month reminding you to pay the power company.

Receive Notifications and Reminders

You can have your notices and reminders sent to any email address, sent by text message to your cell phone or other mobile device, or delivered to your message box in the Bill Pay system. You can even click on a link to automatically have the system place the reminder in your Microsoft Outlook calendar.


Log On

Log into internet banking and click on your Bill Pay account to enter the Bill Pay system.


Open the e-Notifications page

From the "Options" menu, select "e-Notifications."


Select the type of notice or reminder

The e-Notifications page has tabs for four different types of notifications.


These are events such as the payment of a recurring bill or the approval of a new payee. For example, if you have set up a payment to ABC Cable Television in the amount of $52.50 to be automatically paid on the 15th of each month, the system can send you a notice each time this bill is paid.

Log Out

This section can send you a summary of your activity each time you log out of Bill Pay.


From this section you can have the system send you regular summaries of payees or payments. For example, you could have the system send you list of the first day of the month of all bills you have scheduled to pay that month


These are reminders to pay specific bills. They can be set one time, or on a recurring basis such as weekly or every three months. This can be very helpful for bills paid less than monthly, such as quarterly payments to insurance companies.

The rest of this tutorial will explain how to set a reminder. Setting Events, Log Outs, and Recurring are very similar...


Step 1 to Set a Reminder

Click on the Reminders tab and then click on "Add Reminders" in the "Reminders Options" box on the left.


Step 2 to Set a Reminder

Select the type if payment from Bills, Transfers, People, Donations or Gifts.


Step 3 to Set a Reminder

From the drop down lists select the name, method of notification, frequency and date. If you select text message and you have not already set up your text messaging information, the system will prompt you for your cell phone number and your cell carrier.


Step 4 to Set a Reminder

Click on "Next" to finish setting the reminder. On the last page you will see a summary of the reminder and you also can click on a link to automatically copy the reminder to your Microsoft Outlook program.


Changing or deleting reminders and notifications

You can change or delete Reminders and Notifications anytime by select "e-Notifications" from the "Options" menu and then select the appropriate tab for Event, Log Out, Recurring, or Reminders.


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