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Business Alerts

Set up alerts to receive notifications of activity in your business account(s).
You can receive alerts via email or text to help you constantly monitor your account activity. Do you want a notification when your account falls below a certain balance or when a deposit is credited to your checking account?  Choose from several of our most popular alerts to keep you up-to-date regarding your account activity. 

Alert Details:

Checking Deposit Notice:
Notifies you of deposits credited to your checking account that day.
Checking Low Balance Alert:
Notifies you if your checking account balance falls below an amount you specify.
Memoposted Large Transaction:
Notifies you of a large transaction to your checking account based on an amount you specify.
Memoposted Wire Transfer:

Notifies you when a wire transfer memoposts to your checking account.

Today's Pending Transaction:
Notifies you of any debits or credits to your account.
Notice of Any Check Clearing:
Notifies you when any checks clear your account.
Single Check Clear Notice:
Notifies you when a check number you specify clears your account.
Line of Credit Draw Alert:
Notifies you if a Line of Credit draw has occurred.
Loan Payment Due Alert:
Notifies you once a loan payment is due.
Loan Payment Received Alert:
Notifies you when a loan payment is posted to your loan account.
Return Deposit Item Notice:
Notifies you if an item you have deposited by check or ACH has been returned. 


Ready to set up an alert for your accounts?

  1. Log into Business Online Banking, click on [Alerts] in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select the account type by choosing Checking, Savings or Loan.
  3. Create a new alert by clicking [Setup New Alert] Note: This screen allows you to view, change or delete an existing Alert.
  4. Click the drop down arrow to select an Alert.
  5. Input the required account information.



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