Ag Credit Card

Purchase farm supplies on the fly with a Visa® Business credit card. With the convenience of monthly payments, you can align your credit card payments with your farm cash flow! Plus, because of our generously low APR, you'll find yourself singing all the way back to the home place.

Earn ScoreCard Reward points with each credit card purchase, redeemable for travel, hotels, car rentals and more. Say, maybe you can spend a week in Florida this winter!

  • Generously low APR
  • ScoreCard Rewards program, featuring:
    • Air travel
    • Cruises
    • Hotels and dining
    • Car rental
    • Vacation Packages
    • Gifts
  • No interest if balance paid in full by due date
  • Simplify expense tracking with online credit card management
  • Plus, Visa® credit cards are accepted worldwide!


Cash Back

With the ScoreCard CashBack program, it's easy to put money back in your pocket.

For each qualified purchase* you make, you'll receive an annual CashBack reward. The more you use your card, the greater your reward!

Here's how your CashBack program adds up:

Yearly PurchasesCashBack Bonus
0 - $999.990.25%
$1,000 - $1,999.990.50%
$2,000 - $2,999.990.75%
$3,000 – Unlimited1.00%

When earning money is this easy, why would you use any other card?

Make your Hometown Visa card your first choice every time.

*Qualified purchases do not include cash advances, balance transfers, convenience checks or returns.


ScoreCard Rewards

Air Travel

  • Earn a round trip ticket within the continental United States with as little as 22,500 points.
  • Begin earning international travel with as little as 45,000 points for Mexico or 60,000 points for Europe.


  • Enjoy a variety of cruises - Alaska, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Panama Canal are some of the available destinations.

Hotel Stays and Dining

  • Use your points towards stays or dinner at Marriott and Hyatt Hotels and resorts.

Car Rental

  • Hertz and National Car Rental rewards include upgrades for a little as 1,500 points or car rentals.

Vacation Packages

  • Get vacation packages to destinations such as Branson, Orlando, New Orleans or other destinations.


  • Earn gifts ranging from steak knives up to a 30 inch high definition television monitor, or even an ATV.
  • Over 1,000 gifts to choose from, with redemption starting as low as 1,300 bonus points.

Every dollar in qualifying purchases minus returns (Net Purchases") that account holders ("You") charge to an eligible credit card account covered by this ScoreCard program ("Program") and that appears on your statement during the program period earns you one (1) Bonus Point ("Point") as provided for in these program rules. No points are earned for finance charges, fees, cash advances, convenience checks, foreign transaction currency conversion charges or insurance charges posted to your account.

Offer of credit is subject to credit approval


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