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Why Travel With Us?

Alison and I have had fun putting 2014's Travel Program together and we believe you will find our trips to be FUN, EDUCATIONAL and an EXCELLENT VALUE. We will continue providing Weepul Travel Companions to keep you company on your trip. In addition, we provide MCB Weepul Bucks for each day of travel. You can also earn the 'Bucks' as prizes as we travel. Accumulate your MCB Weepul Bucks and use them to reduce your cost for any of our future motor coach trips.

Don't forget: for each day of travel with ANY Morton Community Bank sponsored trip, you will have your name entered into our End-of-the-Year Drawing. The winner and a traveling companion will be able to choose a free trip from any of 2015's one-day motor coach trips.

Group Rates

We know where and how to get the right price. By purchasing for the group we can usually get better travel and lodging rates than individuals.

Private Charter Buses

We use only the finest Charter Coaches for shorter trips. There is no guess work here. We know we will travel on modern, well appointed, safe, and comfortable coaches driven by qualified professionals.

Our Motor Coach Trip Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Due to Insufficient Number of Reservations

If a sufficient number of reservations have not been received by the "Trip Cancellation Date," the trip will be cancelled and Morton Community Bank will refund 100% of your payments made.

Cancellation for 'Medical' Reasons

If a traveler must cancel due to 'medical' reasons, we will refund payments made except for non-refundable items such as, but not limited to tickets, hotel charges, meals, etc. If a replacement can be found, Morton Community Bank will refund 100% of your payment. The travel companion of that traveler may cancel with the same refund policy applicable.

Cancellation for 'Non-Medical' Reasons

If a traveler cancels for other than 'medical' reasons prior to the "Trip Cancellation Date," the traveler will receive a full refund, less $25. If cancellation occurs after the "Trip Cancellation Date," no refund will be available unless the traveler finds a replacement or Morton Community Bank's Travel Club has a waiting list from which a replacement can be secured.


Our escorts are there to handle details so you won't have to. That leaves you free to enjoy the trip without worry.

Your escorts will be Doug and Alison Robinson, long-time central Illinois residents. Doug and Alison coordinate all the travel plans and will accompany you on your travel adventures.


Our travel program has been here for years. In many cases we are taking return trips to destinations we have visited many times. We know the territory!


Don't travel alone. Half the fun is sharing.


We don't herd you from one place to another. Many of our trips include time for you to do what you want to. Want to do a little exploring on your own? Take a little quiet time for yourself? Linger or return to a particular attraction? Skydive? Well, OK, maybe not skydiving... but all the rest is fine with us.