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Opening Screen

After logging in you will see a list of accounts. From here you can navigate to other pages to view transactions, transfer funds, and view statements and check images.

View Account Summaries

To view a summary of all account balances select "Summary" from the Summary Menu. A summary of all accounts is shown above. To view a detailed summary of any particular account click on the account nickname or select the account nickname from the Accounts Menu.

The detailed account summary will include Current Balance, Pending Transfers, Presentments, Last Deposit, Last Check, Balance information from the current and previous month and year, and Current Available Funds.

Current Available Funds will not include funds available from sweep accounts or line of credit loans. However, if an account is set up to draw from a sweep or line of credit it will do so if you initiate a transaction such a transfer which causes the account to have a negative balance.

You can locate specific transactions or search for specific transactions by moving your mouse over the Transactions menu and selecting the type of information you would like.

  • Current Business Day — Shows the transactions at the bank waiting for processing. Any transaction after cut off time previous business day will be here.
  • Previous Business Day — Shows the transactions processed the previous business day.
  • Current Statement — Shows a list of transactions during the current statement period. The number of days available in this item will depend upon how far into the current statement cycle today's date falls.
  • Previous Statement — Shows a list of all transactions in the previous statement cycle. This will be about 30 days history.
  • Menu — Opens a screen which permits a search and which shows a summary of transactions.
  • Search — Shows the same search screen as Menu but without the transaction summary.

View Account Transactions

See a list of transactions within a certain period on either your current statement or a previous statement. Check numbers will be underlined in the "Transaction Number" column and clicking on the number will produce an image of the cancelled check

Search for Transactions

To search for a particular transaction from the Search screen select the Cycle you wish to search and the transaction type.

You may sort by Date, Transaction Number (check number), Description, Debit or Credit. The search allows you to sort results using multiple methods. For example, you could sort by current Cycle, then by Credit, then by Description.

You also can narrow your search by entering specific Dates, Amounts or Transaction Numbers.

You can view your search results on screen by clicking on Submit or you can export your search results to third party software by selecting the type of export and clicking on Export.

The system supports delimited exports such as Excel or other spreadsheets. You also can download directly to Quickbooks, Quicken and Microsoft Money.

By entering a check number in the Transaction Number fields you can search for a particular check. Entering the check number in the Image Search Number field will search for a particular check image.

Transfer Between Accounts

To make a transfer between accounts, select "Transfer List" from the "Funds Management" menu. To view pending transfers select "Transfers Issued" from the "Funds Management" menu.

Any available transfer templates will appear. By default all customers will have an INTERNAL transfer template which allows transfers between internal accounts. Click one time on "INTERNAL."

The date will default to today's date. Change that to a future date if you like. Enter the amount of the transfer. Select the account to transfer from and the account to transfer to. Click on "Submit."

The next page will show a Transfer Confirmation. Review this to make certain the amounts, accounts, and date are as you wished. The status should be "Approved."

Make Loan Payments

Loan payments to loans at this bank are made using the transfer function. The difference is when you select a loan as the account to Transfer To the screen will change to add a field for Payment Type. Select Principal Payment, Interest Payment or Regular Payment. Regular Payments will pay pay accrued interest first and the remainder will pay towards principal.

View Account Statements

Open the details of the account and move the mouse over the Documents menu. Click on Documents Available.

Any document types available for the account will be listed. Click on DDA Statement.

All available statements available will be listed. Click on the statement you would like to view. It will open in Adobe Acrobat. You may view the statement on line or you may print it. Statements are available online for up to two years beginning February 2007.